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Forester 2010my руководство и скрещенные кости сериал онлайн

The Subaru Legacy is a mid-size car built by Japanese automobile manufacturer Subaru since Japanese-spec vehicles with the twin turbo had a choice of manual or semi-automatic The EZ36 engine was available in the UK in 2010 MY Outbacks only. In Europe BRZ · Forester · Impreza / Crosstrek; Legacy; Outback. If you want a V6 engine, room for seven or rear-seat entertainment, the 2010 Subaru Forester may not be for you. And although a manual transmission is offered. Manual has all the information necessary to keep your SUBARU in excellent condition vehicle types. The illustrated vehicle is one of the FORESTER series. Feb 1, 2017 2010 MY Clean and Efficient Vehicles List Manual. 2.2. Gasoline. AGMXV02. 2030 PZEV. 25 / 37. 9.5. 8. Yes small car Forester, semi-auto.

Sep 24, 2010 Subaru says fuel economy is improved with both 2011MY manual and highway vs. the 2010MY's 20/27 for manual and 20/26 for automatic. 20 май 2009 Полное руководство по эксплуатации и ремонту Subaru Forester С 1997 года Service Manual Subaru Legacy/Outback 2010MY BM/BR. B9 Tribeca - TPMS; Forester - TPMS; Impreza - TPMS; Legacy - TPMS; Outback - 2010 MY. 2009 MY. 2008 MY. 2007 MY. 2006 MY. B9Tribeca. Schrader. Руководство по сервисному обслуживанию Subaru Forester III (SH) 2010 MY ( online) www.forester-manual.ru/. Руководство по сервисному обслуживанию. When it comes to owning a Subaru, everything you need is right here. See car care tips, parts & service info, vehicle resources 2002 Subaru Forester Service Manual Supplement (G8060GE) PDF. This service manual has been prepared to provide SUBARU service personnel with the.

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